The Cerberus Incident

The Cerberus Incident 1.1

The Cerberus Incident is an adventure game into a mysterious island
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The Cerberus Incident is an adventure game on a mysterious island.
You will control Felix, a young man that accepted a job from a mysterious organization, that is developing a research project on a tropical island. At the research station (The Eye) you have a partner who dies. You know that there are other stations out there. You decide to abandon your station, and look for the rest of the workers on the island. You will have to fight against some robots and wild animals that will try to kill you. You will have to use the available weapons, or your bare hands. You will see a photo of your character, that will change when your health decreases. When your photo becomes a skull, you are dead, and it is game over.

During the game you will have to rest, eat, drink water, walk and fight. All your movements can be executed by using the cursor movement keys. To open doors or use elements, you should walk near the objects and press the left button of your mouse. By pressing the right button, and moving the mouse, you will move the camera, so you can view the scene in detail. On the whole, the game is quite interesting, but the graphics are poor.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It has a nice plot


  • The graphics are very basic
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